This website is merely a place for me to collect my thoughts and experiences with photography, something I enjoy just about as much as linguistics (see: Koine Greek: Studies in Greek Language & Linguistics). I do professional photography on a part-time basis. In such cases, I primarily shoot events, but I have done the occasional weddings or portrait session. Those who are on the Quad-Cities area are welcome to use the comment box below to contact me about setting up an appointment.

Most of what I write about here involves specific aspects of creating images, different genres I’m dabbling with, or experimentation in post processing. I have a particular preference for landscapes, especially landscapes that I can walk to with a pack on my back during a multi-day hike through the mountains of British Columbia or the forests of Southern Illinois. But I hope there will be plenty more than just that in the pages of this site as it develops and grows.

Many of my links to gear will be Amazon Associate links. I started doing it with my linguistics blog and it’s been carried over to here. I’ve never really made much money from it, but at least over there, it helps me pick up a book or two occasionally. So this is the “full disclosure” announcement. Most of my gear is so old it isn’t for sale on Amazon in any case…

With that said, the purpose of this site is not to sell anything for Amazon or advertise my own work, though anyone who is interested in any of my pieces is more than free to contact me by using the comment form below. Comments on this page do not appear publicly.

I’m also on both 500px (link) and Flickr (link).


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for this blog. I’ve been shooting on an NEX 7 and a GH3 and it was cool to see your shots comparing the A7 and Micro 43s during the recent Lewis Knudsen concert.

    I go back and forth, wondering whether I should get an A7 and whether my GH3 is good enough to shoot stills (I also shoot video with it). I guess when I’m out walking around, I love having a smaller camera and lighter lenses.

    Anyways, enjoyed the photos.



  2. Could we take some photos to put them on a Greek Magazine which is going to be auloaded on April 8th?

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